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Protect Your iPad 2 From Your Kids With The M-Edge SuperShell

Any iPad owner knows how important it is to keep your valuable piece of tech protected. Any parent should know that its more than just keeping something protected, its keep something from being broken.

m-edge super shell ipad 2 case green

The M-Edge SuperShell for the iPad 2 is a wraparound ultra-protective closed-cell foam that helps absorb shocks if and when the iPad is dropped. So far we have been using this we have not had a problem with dropping, but the SuperShells finely dimpled texture and thick, high-impact corners provide maximum grip. There is an opening for the rear facing camera and speaker.

I do wish they had the speaker vented through the front to the user. There is also easy access to to all ports and buttons, but the buttons have foam so it makes it toddler proof. The lightweight and durable foam weighs in at 9.6oz which is very light and come comes in a bright green.

This is a great product and lets us feel safe when our little ones want to play on the iPad.