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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts From Master Lock

The Master Lock 5400D Key Safe is a great gift or for anyone who has ever had to leave something for someone such as a key under a doormat, planter, or fake gray hollow rock. This key safe attaches to any door or fixed item and can be used for many more things than just key storage. It has enough space for 5 keys, credit cards, cash, notes, USB drives, Garage Door Opener, and many other things. It also has the ease of changing the combination for different people.

Being made by master lock, it is tough, secure, and will stand up to all the elements. The key combination also has a small sliding door to protect it from dirt and grime.

I have been using the master lock brand of locks since I have been buying locks and never had a problem. The finish and build of this key safe is one that anyone will feel secure letting it protect their valuables.

The Master Lock 5900D Safe Space is a handy secure storage device made for anyone needing to keep their valuables safe while out for recreation, on a campus, studying at a library, the office, attending conferences, on travel or for leisure use. It is important to have a secure storage area that can only be moved and accessed by you.

This small, lightweight storage safe has space to protect MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, gaming devices, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses or other small valuables. It has a cable that can be attached to any fixed item for that fixed security.

Its water-resistant construction is great for many environments and places and has a changeable combination to be set to whatever you want. It also has an ear bud and/or charging cable access port for music and power needs. It is lined with shock absorbing foam for that added protection.