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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Fitness Lovers – iHome New Balance NB639 Headphones/Pedometer

I started running last year and quickly found that I needed better headphones. The thing about running is that your hands are always swinging and I found myself often ripping the headphones out of my ears. I’ve also wanted to use that heart monitor that my Fitness Apps offer so  I was more than happy when I was sent a set of iHome New Balance NB639 Headphones to review.

Developed in collaboration with shoe maker New Balance, the NB639 package bundles a pedometer (distance tracking), chronograph (stopwatch), and heart rate monitor with in the ear, sweatproof earbuds. The idea is that for the reasonable price of $99 you get a single, small unit that tracks pretty much all of the fitness data you need and displays it on charts and graphs via the included computer software.It all works really well but I found the earbuds to be too large for my ears so I need to find a set small and possibly replace them. I do like how long the cord is and all the extra technology. At $99 it’s a piece of technology you’ll actually use and the earphones have a decent sound quality.

It would be a great gift for a runner or the fitness person in your life.