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Disney D-Lightful Living – Fun Family Meals Disney Style

It’s important to me to make healthy meals that feed my family but every now and again you need to have a little fun. I like offering my kids a rare and fun treat with a Disney packed dinner that features Disney Macaroni  and Cheese.Add fresh salad that I allow my kids to make and some steamed veggies and you have a fun and healthy style dinner. I believe it’s important that my children have a choice when it comes to their meals Disney themed products allow them to have that fun and rare choice. I also believe that getting kids involved is a great way to start healthy habits. Let them help pull apart the broccoli and make a fresh salad. 50% of your meal should be fresh veggies so that’s exactly where I let my kids help. It’s easy and fun!

What are some entertaining topics your family likes to delve into at dinnertime?

I am a compensated brand ambassador for Disney.