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TMobile Holiday Shopping Blogger Event – Seattle, WA

Last week I was honored to host local Seattle bloggers at a LIVE event in a downtown TMobile store location. The event was a fun family friendly meetup with social media as our common interest. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and I got to show off my TMobile expertise.It was a really fun event as you can see from the pictures below.

It was fun because we all got to share what we loved about our phones, I often found myself gabbing about my myTouch which I do really love and even loaned it out so a few of my friends could check in on Foursquare. During the event we learned about several new additions to T Mobile but we also got helpful tips on shopping for cell phones and played a few fun games. On of the games was a mini quiz where I found I actually know a lot about purchasing cell phones but I also learned what the average consumer should know when buying a phone as a gift.

Tips for buying and giving a mobile device this holiday season
A smartphone or tablet is a gift with a personal touch that can help people stay connected long after the holiday season.
Shopping for one doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Selecting the right device is simply a matter of knowing how to
decipher the person’s mobile style, asking the right questions and talking to the experts! T-Mobile has a wide array of 4G
smartphones and tablets this holiday season so there’s something for every type of user.
Below are some tips to keep in mind whether you are purchasing a device as a gift or for yourself:

  • Switching to a new phone doesn’t mean you will lose the information on your old phone. T-Mobile retail associates can use a phone-synching device to seamlessly and effortlessly move your contacts, pictures, calendar appointments, etc. over to the new phone so it is set up and ready to go!
  • If you make calls to people outside the country, consider getting a prepaid plan to control your costs. T-Mobile offers a variety of international prepaid plans that offer great deals for people in the U.S. who want to stay in touch with people abroad
  • Do you want to know which data plan is best for your communication needs? T-Mobile offers a data calculator to help you igure out the plan you need based on your daily usage, check it out at http://www.t-mobile.com/Tools/MBCalculator.aspx

Giving a child their first cell phone, especially a smartphone, can be a big decision for a parent. T-Mobile offers safety and
control applications that empower families to keep each other safe and responsible by encouraging individual behaviors that
benefit the whole family, and the flexibility to let parents maintain control on their terms, such as:

  • DriveSmart Plus Distracted driving is dangerous, especially with new drivers. DriveSmart manages distractions by silencing incoming notifications, sending callers to voicemail and auto responding to incoming text messages. With DriveSmart Plus, you get automatic driving detection, parental controls and notification of cell phone activity while driving, providing additional peace of mind
  • FamilyWhere If you’ve ever wondered where your kids are, this feature is for you. It allows parents to track the location of any phone on their family plan. You can even schedule alerts as a reminder to check where your kids are during the day and view up to 7 days of location history
  • Not having strong coverage at places where you spend a lot of time can be very frustrating. Wireless carriers can help you avoid that situation by running a personal coverage check to see the strength of the network at your home, workplace,school, etc.
  • Smartphones have become so advanced they can often serve multiple purposes. Several of T-Mobile’s smartphones have premium digital camera features offering consumers a viable alternative to their digital point-and-shoot cameras. They can also work as mobile hotspots, mobile music players and GPS navigators. Think about what devices you use most and consider a smartphone that can eliminate the need to carry multiple electronics

Everyone left the event with TMobile swag and plenty of hugs. Special thanks to TMobile for allowing me to host this event and everyone who took the time to attend.

Do you have any tech buying tips you’d like to share?

I am a compensated blogger for TMobile.

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  1. courtney on November 23, 2011 at 7:29 am

    ohh jealous! i have t mobile and i want this phone!!!:) Great pics!