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Great Wolf Lodge – Scoops Kids Spa

Located right across from the Sweet Shop is Scoops Kids Spa a unique spa designed just for kids. At their very own sweet retreat, kids can lounge on giant banana splits and be spoiled with ice cream-themed manicures, pedicures, picture perfect hairdos and more. From flavored fizz soaks and sherbet scrubs to dessert-scented hair products and delicious nail colors, it’s enough to make any girl giddy.

I just love how the ice cream theme plays throughout and the products smell amazing. Kaila went with a chocolate manicure with strawberry scrub, and vanilla lotion. The products were all displayed ice cream stand style and the girls also got tiaras. They truly made Kaila feel special. She picked out her own polish, a pretty pink and she was even more excited when she learned she got to bring it home!

I thought the store was really cute and filled with enough products to make any girls dream. Anything and everything a kid would need to pamper themself.

My husband even had a little fun.

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  1. Janet W. on October 27, 2011 at 4:42 am

    Wow – a child’s dream come true!! Looks fabulous! What a great special treat to get pampered!