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Shopping For a Better World: Buying Organic and Local

Jen and Barb dared to ask how we’re shopping for a better world and I wanted to share how my family shops and eats. It is important to consider and really think about what we buy and where it comes from and what it is made from. Everything that we buy for ourselves and our families come from products that come from many places.

Let’s take the supermarket for instance. Our foods that we buy vary greatly. You have the choice of organic foods versus non-organic foods. Organic foods reduce the impact of man-made toxic chemicals into the soils and ground waters, but also are not saturated and infused with a long list of chemicals that many do not even know. If food is able to absorb the chemicals they are sprayed with, our bodies absorb those foods just as easy along with all the bad stuff they have picked up. Raise a kid with loud music and their hearing will suffer as they grow. Raise some vegetables with chemicals and they will grow in chemical amounts.

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  1. Mark waugh on September 20, 2011 at 9:34 pm

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