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Mommy Is College Bound!!

I took the summer off from school, I’ll admit after 2 years straight of college I needed a break. I really struggled with going to college when Brooklin was first born. Breastfeeding in many ways hindered my excitement about being on a college campus, finding a quiet place to pump milk was a struggle in itself but I did it. I wasn’t going to give up either experience although honestly I struggled a lot.

Looking back when I started my business program in 2010, I came into PSU with my transfer degree and went straight into Business 201 with no education about how businesses really work. I look back on the past 3 years since I started college and see how far I’ve come.

I walked out of my business classes last term with a much greater understanding how how businesses work and the tools to make the right decisions. Take my buisness communications using technology course, required for a business degree I walked out of that class with the skills to properly write an email, memo, or any other business document I may need. I don’t have to Google it, or learn it again, it’s all within me. That class taught me so much more than I thought it would because I do use the skills I learned without even realizing it. It’s engrained within me, I have the knowledge.

Looking back 4 years ago at my writing, I’m embarrassed yet see how far I have come. I don’t know where I’ll be 3 years from now when I do go to start a career but I am exciting at the possibilities of what  can learn and how vast the world is.  I look back and see how far I have come as I am now a junior in college. It hasn’t been an easy road, two children later I’m still working on my degree and I know one day all of the uncomfortable first moments will pay off. All of the work, everything I put into it will come back to me. It will be engrained within me and will change me.

I know that now and I am excited at what this year will bring me educationally as I embark on my final years of college. This term I am taking Business management Fundamentals, International Business, Advertising, and my first actual class in Marketing.

This is it, mommy is college bound again. I am proud to show my daughters that going to college pays off, I may have not gotten through college in my early 20’s but mommy will get it done by her 30’s. I am their example, and I am glad they get to see me work so hard for my dreams.

This is the only life I have I am going to make the most of it!

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  1. Clarissa Nassar on September 29, 2011 at 7:52 am

    that is so wonderful that you are going back! Once I stopped school I felt like “what a relief!” but then soon started finding myself MISSING SCHOOL! lol I think we as moms and especially as bloggers, we see all the fast paced change out there and the drive in us to be our BEST fuels us to do something about it. Be very very thankful that you can do it now! My mom and my husbands mom both go to school now in their 50’s and they both say that it is real tough to get back into the habit of it all. CHEERS TO YOU! xo