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Sign Up For Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America

I had a lot of friends growing up who’s brothers all were in Boy Scouts and if I ever had a son I know he would be too. My daughter Kaila is a Girl Scout and I am co-leader of the troop. I believe that as a parent having a program like Boy Scouts of America can really help my child better succeed, better express his/her emotions, and gain valuable lessons for life. Plus Scouting year round helps supplement the education young children are already getting while in school.

Scouting isn’t just tying knots and camping. It’s also introducing young boys to the technologies that are shaping the future. Boy Scouts is rolling out a new curriculum with emphasis on STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. The Robotics merit badge, the most recent of the 31 STEM-related merit badges, is helping Scouts develop critical skills that are relevant in today’s competitive world.

Scouting offers activities that help kids stay in shape and educate them on proper nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great way to keep young boys active besides the sports they’re already playing.

Scouting embraces the role of the family and supports activities and experiences that get everyone involved. Cub Scouting, in particular, takes great care in teaching Scouts a wholesome system of values and beliefs while building and strengthening relationships among family members.

I believe that as a parent having a program like Scouts is so important for young children. Boys or girls these types of programs enrich a child’s life. There are weekly den meetings and monthly pack meetings. It gives young boys a real sense of brotherhood and friendship. They do a number of activities to enrich the community and themselves. They’re always doing something and learning something new.

As we head back to school our weekly meetings will pick up and if your child isn’t signed up it’s a great time to get them started. You’ll also be joined with boys in your same area so no long drives, who knows the boys may even be your neighbors!

Check out for more information about Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts of America and to sign up today.