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Pink’s Hollywood – World Famous Hotdogs


If you’re a Food Network fan like myself I’m sure you’ve heard of Pink’s Hotdogs a little hotdog stand in Hollywood making original hotdogs. People stand in line for hours to get their hands on these dogs and I finally got the chance to try one for myself.

My husband and I hopped in line with everyone else and waiting a half an hour which we had lucked out. Two hours prior the line was much, much further.

I love the feel of the place, how rich it is in LA culture. There are so many hotdog choices, many being the favorite to many LA stars both new and old.

Pink’s has quite a few celebrity named hotdogs so I just had to try the Emeril Bam Hotdog, created by Emeril himself. It has jalapenos and cole slaw, it’s so different you’ll say BAM!! So many hotdogs have been eaten here. The restaurant is covered in stars and signatures.

When ever you visit a big city, look up iconic places to eat. Not only will you find something unique, there is a lot of history of that city to experience.

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