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Multnomah Falls and Our Journey Up the Columbia River Gorge

With the sunny weather we are having in Oregon, I decided to take the family out for a trip to our local giant historical waterfall, Multnomah Falls. There is still a lot of snow on Mt. Hood which does add to the falls flow.

One of the best parts to experiencing nature is the pictures. We are still learning and playing with our new Nikon D90. Nature provides for some of the best shots possible. Oregon is known for historical landmarks I am thinking about trying to showcase them which would be a good way to get practice. Below are some pictures we took of Multnomah Falls and the Columbia River Gorge.

I also have a short video I took of the river flowing what looked to be upstream and east. Some info about the Columbia River, it flows from Canada through Washington State and Oregon flowing west into the Pacific Ocean. Since that recent earthquake in Chile, I am taking it that the surges from the Ocean made their way up the Columbia. It’s weird because I have never noticed the river this calm and flowing the wrong way. Check out my pictures.

The Columbia River Gorge – Washington state across the river. This was taken at Vista House which overlooks the Columbia River. The Historical Multnomah Falls. Kai and I posing for Kristin down below. Fun picture! Smile for the Nikon D90.

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    it’svery beautiful ,great post!