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Our Ordinary Trip to Walt Disney World Epcot Park

For our second day in Disney World, the day was to be spent at Epcot. Kristin was in attendance to a few events for her Disney Social Media Moms conference. Weather was nice and we felt good. Kristin started her day off with a volunteer event at Epcot for that morning.

Kaila and I slept in and when we woke up, we traveled from the Polynesian Resort to Epcot via monorail. It is nice to wake up in Disney World and put right into the adventure. The property is huge. We got to Epcot and saw what I have always wanted to see, the big round ball!

Spaceship Earth AKA The Epcot Ball.

As soon as we got off the monorail we met up with Kristin by “The Seas With Nemo and Friends.” This was recently put into commission and Kaila is a major Nemo fan. We figured this would be a good starting point to keep the 4 year old happy. This ride we figured would be a great way to jump start the adventure. After the ride, there is a large indoor aquarium which was neat to check out.

Kaila with Nemo and Dory.

We worked our way through Nemo the over to The Land pavilion to try out “Soarin.” Next we made out way to Imagination! land to see “Honey, I Shrunk The Audience.” This is a 4D show. If you do not know what 4D is about, its 3D cinematography with a 4th dimension. Not just do you see the and feel immersed in films environment, the effects such as water, air, and movement help to bring you that much more into it.

The entire seating arena is active and just when you feel you have experienced as much as you can, the entire stadium shakes and jumps. An oversized dog sneezes on you, which you feel, then your dissected. Its was fun. Kaila was a little anxious and was kept on the edge of her seat.

After being shrunk, we worked our way around the “Reflections of Earth” to check out the rest of the park. Epcot takes you though a walkaround of many of the world’s different cultures. We started in Canada to see what it was all a bout. After checking the lands to our north we made our way over to the United Kingdom.

England LondonTown Kaila with Alice, in Wonderland?

After the British Isles we visited France.

Visiting Paris!

While in France we sampled some fine cafes and crepes. Our next journey took us to northern Africa to visit a mosaic adorned fountain.

Who gots stucco?

Make a Wish?

My 2 lovely ladies.

After Morocco we found ourselves passing the temples of Japan. Kaila was in awe at the different landscapes that were on display. Kristin was in awe of the giant ball.

Kristin Posing with Disney’s Big Ball

I think we are cuter!

The next area to visit is that of colonial America, Italy, and Germany.

We had to take a pretzel stop in Germany.

After the quick refuel in Germany, we trekked to Italy to see the sites.


We caught some of the Disney cast getting ready for an interview, so we snapped some pictures.

Pluto, Daisy, and Minnie!

A Guy Smiling, Pluto, Minnie, and Goofy!

Next we made our way into Asia over to China.


We decided to check out the boat ride which is Maelstrom. Your taken on a journey of Scandinavian life. Kaila needed a ride that we could sit and rest in. So she was OK with it.

Home of the Vikings.


After Norway was Mexico. We had to skip it and take another break. It was getting time for dinner and we decided to rest till then. While waiting we decided to do one last ride and that was the GM Test Track. Kaila had a blast, but she is a “little car nut in the making” after her Dad.

We had a show to see that was help between the central lake Reflections fo Earth and The Spaceship Earth Pavilion or known by me as the Epcot ball.

As soon as it became dark we went to attend the Celebrate Volunteers event Disney was hosting. It was a day wide event where volunteering and helping was on display and in use. For the evening festivities they put on a live concert with some Disney Youth Group and performers. Great concert.

Disney Volunteers Lets Rock, to Disney?!?!

We ended up sharing a table with a little girl named Amanda and her family who helps her run Amanda’s Lemonade Stand which is in support for Heart and Stroke research and help. She actually was one of the key volunteers and had a special dinner prepared for her, so they ended up moving.

If her mother reads this, “Hi” remember us? :). Kaila had fun just as everyone else did. Kristin;s older sister attended with her family so it was also fun for Kaila to meet her aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Even long as the day was, her 5th wind kicked in.

Kaila and her 1st cousin.

The had a firework show just for the concert ending.

The Finale!

After this was over, we ate some dessert and made out way back to the lake in the middle. It was time for the real fireworks to begin. They have a huge show with a large watershow that happens. There is a vast array of lights and effects and a huge lighted Ball that does alot. This was a great way to end it off.

Kristin and her oldest sis.

One of my favorite firework pics.

Or is this one better?

And here is a picture as we are leaving. Ohh the giant perfectly geo-metrically and symmetrical, magical looking ball “Thanks for a great day!”

The Big Epcot Ball – Spaceship Earth


  1. Del on July 14, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Same here…once is never enough!

  2. Becca on July 14, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Looks like a great day! I love everything Epcot has to offer and I can’t wait to go back there one day 🙂