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Ellis Island – Immigration Museum New York

During our 2010 summer my husband and I took the time to stay a few extra days while at BlogHer to tour New York City. After we visited the Statue of Liberty, we caught the ferry to Ellis Island before our way back to Battery Park in Lower Manhattan. We visited the entire museum and found it interesting to see the old images captured of when the island was deserted and abandoned. It was also a good experience to walk around and learn a little history about is original function and later uses. A memorial and museum is setup to honor Americans of Japanese ancestry and their plight for equality.

It is also fascinating the many different uses that the island has served including being a prison for pirates to its famous use as an immigration port.

We decided to leave right in time as it began to sprinkle and rain. It only rained till we got back to shore which allowed for it to cool down a little. Here are some pictures we took while visiting. This is a must see for anyone interested in American history. You have to physically visit the island to get the real effect and emotional grasp it takes on you.

To think this used to be run-down and abandoned.

A museum on the plight of American-Japanese people.

These floors have supported many feet. New and Old.

A man who made a difference with his photography, Shirley C. Burden.

"The U.S. Government locked up an innocent people without cause or due process of law." Picture at Ellis Island

"Americanism is not, and never was, a matter of race or ancestry" Quote from Ellis Island

"This was the Happiest day for any soldier."

Eerie glowing shadow, I am sure its from the windows and sun.

Orginal graffiti.

To think the number of people who lived and passed through this hall.

Excellent Restoration.

An experience I will never forget.