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Painted Lady Butterflies And Their Cycle Of Growth By InsectLore

Being a brand ambassador for InsectLore I was sent the Butterfly Pavilion School Kit w/ Live Caterpillars to try and to share my experience.

The Butterfly Pavilion is great for any ages young to old. We were sent the large pavilion with Live Caterpillars with the intention of giving it to our Kindergartener and her class. They had other plans at the time and could not use it then. With the living larve crawling and gaining girth, we decided to grow them ourselves. We’ve done it once before but this time we had 33!!! insect lore Butterfly Pavilion kit grow

Kaila liked seeing a living insect which was smaller than a piece of white rice grow into a caterpillar then into a chrysalis.

The school kit includes 33 Painted lady caterpillars along with all the food, cups with lids, and a washable and reusable two-foot high butterfly habitat. It comes with extra special caterpillar growth food and detailed instructions on how to successfully care and grow your butterflies.

painted lady's butterly larve

We followed the directions which were easy to understand and grew the larve for a few weeks then eventually transferring each to a cup with some food. During this change they are considered pupa or chrysalis and are going through dramatic change going on inside of them. They continue to grow and then climb to the top of their lids and finish their metamorphosis. They create a ‘j’ shape and begin to form the parts of the developed butterfly.

They shed their skin and out comes a butterfly that has fully developed wings that then stretch out. Its great and it shines a light on life and growth. We all enjoyed growing them and its always fun to release them to do what they do naturally.

Brooklin became quite attached to her butterfly’s and cried when we released them. I believe it’s such a wonderful experience for all kids and will make a great surprise.


  1. Kimbuckjr on April 21, 2011 at 2:38 am

    I purchased this Butterfly kit from Amazon.com when it was on sale about a month and a half ago. The same day I received the pavillion I ordered the catepillars, that was 5 – 6 weeks ago and to this day I still HAVE NOT received my catepillars, can you believe it? I keep telling myself to call the company, but finding the time to actually sit down and call the company to find out where my little ‘pillars are is very difficult! UGH, I need to call though. I’m just so upset that I still have NOT received my ‘pillars. It’s very frustrating!!!!!
    Thanks for posting your experience, I appreciate it!

  2. Betty Vincent on April 20, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    What a fun nature project for me and the grand kids!

  3. Cat Davis on April 20, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Awww I probably would have cried releasing them too! Kaydee has been begging me to get her one of the kits and I probably will in the coming weeks.