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Ways To Save Money on Utilities by Conserving Energy For Earth Day

Invest in the Planet & Save Money On Utilities In Your Home and Long-Term Savings this Earth Day!

In spirit of Earth Day this Friday, Siemens a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions for homes is sharing the following energy conservation tips and facts families can adopt to reduce their carbon footprint and have a greener, earth-friendly home.

I believe it is important for us all to make steps in the right direction. Waste less and love our earth a little more. These are small changes that make a LARGE impact on utility bills.

For example, we all know about turning off your light and shutting off the tap, but did you know. There are many ways to save money on utilities.


  • Setting the thermostat to the highest setting will not make the house warm up faster; rather, it will just keep the furnace running longer.
  • During the summer, a 5°F higher setting on the air conditioning thermostat will save about 10% on cooling costs; in the winter, lowering the temperature 3 to 5°F can save up to 20% on heating costs (about $180/year!)

Appliances and Electronics

  • Appliances account for about 20% of household energy consumption (taken together, these small items can use as much power as your refrigerator, and don’t forget about all the modern electronics such as laptops and TVs).
  • Power strips let you easily turn off multiple products with just one button to push, great for saving while away.


  • After buying a new refrigerator or freezer, don’t put the old one in the garage or on the porch and keep using it, the costs to run the extra unit are not worth it.
  • A 10° increase in temperature around your fridge can trigger 20% higher energy consumption; the refrigerator should be kept at 37 and 40° and the freezer between 0 and 5° degrees. Keep the top, sides, and back clear.



  • Plant trees that lose leaves in the fall so they will protect your home and self or family from the summer sun and but still allow sunlight and warmth to get inside during winter months.
  • For shade from the hot summer sun, plant trees on the sides where the sun shines during your summer months. And use evergreens and shrubs to stop cold winter winds and create windbreaks.


  • If your food needs to cook for more than an hour, don’t wait for preheat and put them in a minute after start up.
  • Use an electric burner that is the right size. Using a 6qt pot on 8qt burner wastes 40% of the energy.

Lets all do your part to save energy and cut back on resource use and save money on utilities.