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Ride The Ducks – Seattle, WA

ride the duck's seattle wa Tour Seattle by land and water on a WWII amphibious landing craft! You haven’t seen Seattle until you’ve seen it from a Duck! Maybe you’ve seen these guided tours in cities around the country, and while in Seattle we had the chance to Ride the Ducks of Seattle.

Did you know that there is an underground city of Seattle? Actually a lot of the city burnt down because it was made of all wood. Fitting for living in the Pacific Northwest! There are still coyotes that you will see come up from underground. A whole city, under the upper city streets.

Coast Guard-certified maritime captains will take you on an adventure tour of Seattle while they narrate historical information and local folklore, dance to funky music. It totally represents the spirit of Seattle. A quirky and fun tour even though it was literally freezing on the day we went out, we also had blankets which were nicely on everyone’s seats.

We then went out onto the lake and saw Battery Park, and the Seattle skyline. There truly is nothing like seeing a city from a duck and I highly suggest if you are ever in Seattle to Ride The Ducks of Seattle!

seattle skyline from ride the duck seattle lake

Our fun Seattle video tour with Ride The Ducks of Seattle

Thanks to Ride the Ducks who provided my husband and I with free tickets, we had a blast!!!

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  1. Martha Payne on April 17, 2011 at 3:30 am

    This is so neat! I’d love to do this tour!