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Crafting With Kids – Recyclable Bottle Cap Magnets Craft Project

What I like best about The Learning Tower is how easily it makes doing things with my kids. Cooking and baking is one of the easiest things to do but I also have found use in crafts and other projects.\

Kaila and I did a butterfly garden and were able to see the lifecycle of a butterfly. Normally I would just let her stand next to me and watch because getting a chair just doesn’t seem like an option in situations like that. So having The Learning Tower actually put her up next to me, and helping allowed her to feel like she had a part in what we were doing.

Kaila also loves to do crafts and art projects to throw in a lesson about sustainability and we have ourselves a fun project that she can really get her hands in to. Parental supervision always required with magnets.

Recyclable Bottle Cap Craft Projects For Kids

Easily turn old bottle cap into colorful magnets that also can make for great gifts for your kiddos! Add some glitter a colorful paper for the background and hot glue on a magnet. Which can easily be found for only dollars at your local craft store. Let them have fun or help them draw intricate pictures and designs.

The Learning Tower was kind enough to provide this product to our family, stay tuned as we’re having a fun giveaway!! The Learning Tower has made way for a lot of fun projects! All crafts and kiddos are my own.


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  2. LindsayDianne on March 18, 2011 at 10:19 am

    I am in love with this innovative idea.
    And I love the magnets so much!