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Could You Go One Day Without Shoes?

Her perfect little feet, so kissable, so loveable. I couldn’t imagine growing up in a world with no shoes on my feet. On my children’s feet. I can’t imagine that world but that world exists. Children around the world live every single day with no shoes, and that’s why I believe in TOMS shoes.

Every year Tom’s hosts the One Day Without Shoes an initiative to bring awareness of just much having a pair of shoes can impact a life.

On April 5th I plan on walking through a parking lot, into a grocery store without shoes. The basic tasks that I often take for granted will be done without shoes. My children will not wear shoes either. Hand in hand we will walk together believing in the One For One. A simple premise that for every shoe you buy one is given to a child in need.

I hope you will consider walking with me on April 5th and if you do I want to hear about it!!

I am an official TOMS Mom, I am passionate about the brand and am not compensated in any way.

I’m crunchy like that.

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  1. fancygrlnancy on April 3, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    I have not heard about this.. thanks for sharing. And good for you doing this. I don’t think I can go all day since I work and shoes are required, but I can do some shoeless time after work.