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Girls Movies – Bambi – Blu-Ray Diamond Edition

Disney Girls Movies BambiClassic Disney Girls Movies

Childhood classic girls movies are best for our family. In this classic forest tale, everyone remembers a young fawn named Bambi. This is a tale of the life cycle of Bambi and as Bambi comes to learn one day he will be an important part of the forest. The story wouldn’t be complete without Bambi’s friends, the other woodland creatures such as Flower, a bashful skunk, and Thumper, an outgoing rabbit. As the years pass, they encounter a number of life’s lessons in the woods, including the death of Bambi’s mother at the hands of hunters. Eventually, Bambi comes of age, completing the cycle of life and taking his father’s place.

So you should know the story and there it is if you don’t. It’s a great girls movies for the whole family, and has a lesson or two to teach. No one does Blu-ray quite like Disney and the Bambi Diamond Edition on Blu-ray is no different. For being restored Disney really took their time, and only a few points in the movie can you actually see anything was ever changed. The movie is in full high definition and the quality is remarkable. It’s hard to tell this movie is actually as old as it is.

Complete Blu-ray special features include:

  • Inside Walt’s Story Meetings-Enhanced Edition (new): A multi-tiered, interactive story-telling experience. Go back in time with dramatic voice re-enactments of the moments. Enjoy it with Walt that led to the creation of this classic film.
  • Two never-before-seen deleted scenes (new)
  • Deleted song: “Twitterpated” (new)
  • Blu-ray Galleries (new)
  • Disney’s Big Book of Knowledge: Bambi Edition (new) An interactive educational gaming experience that uses the film as a learning tool. Players can customize their own Big Book of Knowledge and learn all about forest creatures, seasons and more. Each time a player completes a task, they are rewarded with new stickers to decorate their Big Book of Knowledge.
  • The Making of ‘Bambi’: A Prince Is Born A comprehensive look at the making of Bambi. It covers the story, the characters, the actors, the art design, the music and the history of Walt Disney’s classic film. Included is behind the scenes footage, production stills, animation, artwork and multiple interviews with performers and behind the scenes participants.
  • Tricks of the Trade (excerpt) In an episode from the 1957 Disneyland TV show, Walt narrates the story of the multiplane camera, an animation innovation crucial to the production of Bambi.
  • Inside the Disney Archives Disney Supervising Animator Andreas Deja guides viewers through Disney’s Animation Research Library, where artwork from past Disney animated feature films is stored, including early story sketches of Bobo the rabbit,” (who became Thumper), glass paintings made for the multiplane camera and more.
  • The Old Mill Winner of the 1937 Academy Award for Best Short Subject/Cartoon, The Old Mill was a testing ground for several techniques critical to Walt’s artistic vision for Bambi, including the multiplane camera, animating realistic animals and experimenting with such natural occurrences such as wind, rain and lightning.
  • DisneyPedia: Bambi’s Forest Friends

We love fun classic girls movies and enjoy ones that help bring life to our children.