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Visiting Disneyland With Babies & Toddlers – Disney Baby Care Centers

You’re planning on taking a trip to one of the many Disney resorts and you have a baby or toddler. What on earth will you do? Is Disney really infant and toddler friendly? The greatest thing about the happiest place on earth is how family friendly it is. There is something for everyone at Disneyland!

I had worried about this the first time we had visited Disneyland while breastfeeding when Brooklin was only 6 month old. We had barely perfected breastfeeding at home let alone doing it in public. Diaper changes, busy bathrooms, toddler feedings, and new potty users in public restrooms is not way to enjoy a park. But Disneyland has thought of everything.

Located off of Main Street Disneyland near the old fashioned corndog stand is the Baby Care Center. The center has been around since the park opened and it was Walt’s intention for fun to be had by everyone.

There’s even a baby pictures of Walt on the wall and the entire building blends right in with Main Street Disney.

Inside you will find everything you need. Comfortable rocking chairs in a private calm room for breastfeeding mothers, high chairs and small tables for busy toddlers who just need a snack. There’s mini-toilets and a large comfortable changing room. If you forget or need anything you can buy almost anything in the small center store.

There are only baby and toddler items but we found ourselves grabbing some sun block and a jar of baby food. There’s even an area for the older ones to hang out while you take care of the little one. The cast inside are as sweet as can be and so helpful.

Walt Disney World: There are Baby Care Centers placed all around the individual Walt Disney World parks. We found one in every park with each having a nice and quiet place to breastfeed.

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  1. LindsayDianne on January 16, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    That’s great. I remember visiting Disneyland with Abby at that age, and we were a bit nervous, but never had any problems at all. Everything was super baby friendly!