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Toddler Behavior – What Is Normal?

My first never did this, she would hold your hand, listen to instructions, fits were few and far between. I happened to actually capture a fit with my camera yesterday at the zoo. They’ve become a regular occurrence while out in public.

My husband wanted her to put her sweater on, and to hold his hand if she were to be walking. Sure no problem. Except she wanted it her way.No sweater that’s okay but still hold the hand. There was a sense that a fit was only moments away. And it was…well kind of.

A moment later she was mid way into throwing herself on the ground when…walah. My husband picked her up mid fall.

She got up and well. Put the sweater on and he let her have some independence.

I’ve come to learn that my children are not alike. They weren’t from the moment of their birth and they will never be. I’ve come to be able to sense a fit, and yet somehow together we’re working our way through them. Finding easy solutions and compromises that work for us. I believe that as a family we are continuing to navigate our way through having a family of four.

I have learned that toddlers don’t have perfect behavior and not to overwhelm myself when Brooklin’s isn’t perfect.

It does get easier, I see that now.


  1. Jackie on January 20, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    Oh boy how I have come to realize this! Jeffery was a difficult toddler (still is a difficult child), Jaylin was pretty chill but is now wanting her independence and Jaxon…he’s more laid back than Jaylin ever was yet when he’s mad…you KNOW he’s mad as he’s started his own little fits, kicking the feet, throwing himself all over the floor and the screams…ugh! It’s so crazy, they share the same genes, are parented the same yet are so different in every way possible.

    I’ve gotten through the toddler years 2 times before, I’m hoping I make it this time lol

  2. jennyonthespot on January 20, 2011 at 7:26 am

    Oh man. My first was SO curious. So uncontainable. He’s 11 now, and I feared I’d have an 11 y.o. that threw fits like a 2 y.o. Sure, there are issues, but I’ve learned it really is just for a season. A very long, hard, one… but a season 🙂

  3. Wendy W on January 19, 2011 at 8:14 am

    Someone once told me that toddler years are like teen years. I had an easy time with all three during the toddler years. Now, the teen and tween years are definitely harder here. I think it would’ve been easier when they were 2 instead of 12 to do a timeout… Ah, they are only kids. I have the peace of knowing one day they too will have children 🙂